How to use flying star app

How to use flying star app

In the Flying Star Feng Shui App, based on the Xuan Kong Fei Xing school of Feng Shui, you can determine the luck or unluck based on directions.
This article will guide you through how to use Flying Star Feng Shui App, following each screen:

  • Determine your period
  • Grant permission for location information
  • Divination of fortunes based on direction (Compass screen)
  • Divination of fortunes based on floor plans (Floor Plan screen)
  • Consult Eight Mansions Feng Shui (Eight Mansions Feng Shui screen)
  • Check the Annual Flying Stars chart

This article explains features available in app version 2.9.0 and above.

Determine your period


When you launch the app, the first screen you see is for setting your period.
In Flying Star Feng Shui, the determination of fortunes relies on 'the year you moved into your residence' and 'the orientation of your residence layout'. Tap the year you moved into your current residence and press confirm.

Grant permission for location information


The Flying Star Feng Shui App requires permission to use location information to utilize directional data.
When this popup appears, please tap the "Allow(許可)" button.

Until app version 2.14.0, this location permission dialog has not been translated into English yet. Please tap the button outlined in red to grant permission.

Determine fortune from directions (Luopan screen).

In the Luopan screen, you can divine luck or unluck based on directions.

Methods of Measuring Direction in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the facing direction of the building is measured based on its orientation. The state where the energies of Sky, Human, and Earth are unified is called the external Qi. The point where this external Qi enters and exits is the facing direction.

Generally, Feng Shui books and masters explain it as follows:

  • The direction where the main entrance is located and where there's an open space in front.
  • The direction facing roads, parks, wide open spaces, or where natural light is abundant.
  • The direction where there are sliding windows and a spacious property.
  • In apartments, the direction with a good view (not necessarily the entrance, could also be the direction of the balcony).

In most cases, the main entrance tends to be the facing direction.
However, in apartments, if the balcony is more open and offers a better view than the entrance, it is better to consider the balcony as the direction.
To measure, hold a smartphone facing outward towards the direction.
It is better to measure from outside the house, such as at the entrance or balcony, rather than inside.


Hold the smartphone horizontally, aligning it with the Dantian, considered to be where the body's vital energy congregates, approximately 6cm below the navel.


You can switch between automatic or manual updating of the direction by tapping the 'Automatic Button' or 'Manual Button'.

  • Automatic Button: The direction on the Luopan updates automatically according to the orientation of your iPhone/iPad.
  • Manual Button: The direction will not update automatically on the Luopan. You can manually set the direction by tilting the Luopan with your finger. In manual mode, you can also specify the direction numerically by double-tapping the Luopan with two fingers.

Predicting luck and unluck


Tapping the "Chart" button switches to the Xuan Kong Flying Star chart, which is determined based on the current direction.


By tapping on each direction, you can determine the luck and unluck of the Sitting Stars and Facing Stars. Directions highlighted with an orange background are ideal for the 'entrance, kitchen, and bedroom'. Additionally, tapping on a specific direction(the Palace) will display a detailed screen for that direction.

The Flying Star chart

The Feng Shui app incorporates the Xuan Kong Flying Star school of Feng Shui. This method involves assigning numbers 1 to 9 to each of the 8 directions based on specific rules, with three numbers placed in each direction. The meaning of the three numbers in a direction is as follows:

  • Top Left: The Sitting Stars, influencing health and interpersonal relationships.
  • Top Right: The Facing Stars, affecting wealth and business fortunes.
  • Bottom: The Base Star, indicating overall tendencies of the house, but not used for judging luck and unluck.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness are judged based on numbers. This app adopts a standard set of lucky and unlucky numbers, independent of the Periods. While some schools consider changes in lucky numbers based on the Periods, the app uses a fixed set:

  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 9
  • Unlucky Numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7 (with 2 and 5 being particularly inauspicious)
  • Neutral Numbers: 4, 6

Flying Star Feng Shui prioritizes directions with lucky Facing Stars for important spaces like entrances, bedrooms, and kitchens.

The interpretation is as follows:

  • Facing Star and Sitting Star as 1, 8, 9: Indicated as auspicious with a circle mark.
  • Facing Star and Sitting Star as 2, 5, 3, 7: Marked as inauspicious with a cross.
  • Facing Star and Sitting Star as 4, 6: Neutral, with no symbol.

In the app, if the Facing Star is 1, 8, or 9, the background color changes to orange. You can determine a good layout if the entrance, bedroom, or kitchen is positioned in these orange directions. This feature helps in easy identification of favorable orientations for important spaces in your home according to Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui principles.

For instance, let's look at the Flying Star chart for Northeast.


Since the Facing Star is 9, a circle mark is displayed, and the background turns orange. Additionally, because the Sitting Star is 7, an X is shown. Let's also take a look at the chart for the Southwest direction.


Since the Facing Star is 6, no symbol is displayed. However, as the Sitting Star is 1, a circle mark is shown.

Let's now examine the Flying Star chart for the Northwest direction.


As the Facing Star is 2, a cross mark is displayed. Similarly, since the Sitting Star is 5, a cross mark is also shown.

In this way, the app differentiates the displays based on the auspicious and inauspicious numbers in the Flying Star chart.

Divining Luck and Unluck from a Floor Plan


This is a screen designed for those considering moving, allowing them to divine luck and unluck from a floor plan.
By capturing a floor plan using a photo or camera, you can assess its auspiciousness based on its orientation.

Start by capturing the floor plan using the photo button.
Then tap the diagram button.


You can capture the floor plan using a camera or import it from an album.
Once the floor plan is imported, move the direction symbol to the center.
You can also enlarge the image by pinching out.


Tap the Next button.
Then align the north indicator on the direction symbol with the north on the screen.
Rotate the floor plan with your finger to align it. This step is crucial for accurately determining the orientation of the floor plan in relation to Feng Shui principles.


Tap the Next button.
Then, set the magnetic declination.
Feng Shui diagnostics are based not on true north but on magnetic declination.
However, as the north direction in most floor plans points to true north, it's necessary to adjust the orientation by the magnetic declination.


Tap the link "Check Declination in Japan 2015 value Values GSI Map" to view the magnetic declination map published by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
For global magnetic declination, tap "Check Declination Worldwide: Magnetic Declination on Map." Search for the region of your floor plan and input the local magnetic declination.
Then, tap the Next button.

Finally, align the facing direction.
Rotate the red arrow with your finger to match the direction of the entrance or balcony in your floor plan.


Tapping the Done button completes the import of the floor plan. This final step solidifies the floor plan's alignment and orientation settings for your Feng Shui analysis.


If the overlay of the Flying Star chart and the floor plan is difficult to read, you can adjust the view using the button on the far right.


You can change the alignment of the floor plan and the Flying Star chart. By setting it to "Move the Floor" you can enlarge the floor plan with a pinch-out gesture.
Adjust the overlap between the Flying Star chart and the floor plan for diagnosis.

Just like in the Luopan screen, tapping on the Flying Star chart allows you to view the luck and unluck of the Sitting Stars, Facing Stars, and the results for each direction.

Divining Luck and Unluck from Eight Mansions Feng Shui

The Eight Mansions screen allows you to divine the compatibility between a floor plan and yourself based on Eight Mansions Feng Shui.
This method classifies your personal Life Gua and the House Gua, assessing their compatibility.

Set your Life Gua

To start, you need to set your personal Life Gua:
Enter your gender and birth year.

For those born in January and February, consider the previous year as your Life Gua year due to the solar term of 'Lichun' (Start of Spring).


Here, the setting is for a person with the Life Gua number 4 Wood.

determine the House Gua

To determine the House Gua in Eight Mansions Feng Shui, measure the direction facing the direction of the house, similar to the method used in Flying Star Feng Shui.

This usually involves measuring towards the more open area of the entrance or balcony.
Hold your smartphone facing outward in this direction for measurement. It's better to conduct this measurement outside at the entrance or balcony rather than inside the house for greater accuracy.


Hold the smartphone horizontally, aligning it with the Dantian area, considered to be where the body's vital energy congregates, located approximately 6cm below the navel.


Check the Eight Mansions chart

The upper part represents the House Gua, and the lower part represents your personal Life Gua.
If either the House Kua or the Life Kua in a specific direction is auspicious, the background of that direction will turn orange.


In this scenario, for the Northeast direction:

  • The House Gua indicates "Sheng Qi" (The Most Great Fortune).
  • The Personal Life Gua indicates "Jue Ming" (The Most Great Misfortune).

By tapping on each direction in the Eight Mansions chart, you can access detailed information about that particular direction.

This is the detail of the House Gua.


You can view the details of your Personal Life Gua in the app.


You can also check theme color, and lucky colors associated with your Personal Life Gua.

For a comprehensive guide on how to apply these principles, it's best to refer to detailed resources on Eight Mansions Feng Shui.


If your current living arrangement doesn't align with the ideal Feng Shui conditions, here are some alternative suggestions:

  1. For the entrance: Utilize colors associated with the five elements of your personal Life Gua.
  2. For the bedroom: Position the bed in your Life Gua's auspicious direction and orient the head of the bed towards a lucky direction.
  3. For the kitchen: Use colors related to the five elements of your Life Gua.
  4. For the gas range: Place it facing an inauspicious direction.

The Annual Star chart

You can check the Annual Star chart in the settings menu.


You can view the luck and unluck of directions for each year from 2017 to 2044 in the Annual Star chart.